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A short ident for a proposed cable TV station. The logo was supplied as flat 2D art which the client wanted enhancing with a 3D look and feel. The logo had to revel its self in 6 seconds in an interesting and
eye catching way.

The original 1TV art work was composed of blue hues so it was decided that the background and resulting particle effects should be of a warmer hue to focus the viewer on the 1TV logo in the composition.

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Software Used:

All software running on Mac OSX
• Sound Track Pro
• After Effects


Tech Notes:

This ident was created in After Effects with no additional 3D software. All the 2D elements were given a bevelled look to enhance the illusion of something created in 3D.
Each layer was moved a small amount in 3D space to be above the element below. The camera move was a small partial orbit of the 1TV logo again to enhance the 3D illusion.
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